Judge Me If You’re Perfect, I’d Never Leave Kunle Afod – Desola

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Desola Afod, the wife to popular Yoruba Nollywood actor Adekunle Iyiola Afodurin who’s popularly known as Kunle Afod has affirmed why she will never leave his husband at all.

Desola explained in an interview with Debbie Shokoya on her Talk Show, that she will never leave Kunle because she loves him and whatever schemes are planned or news carried around, she’s not determined to move an inch.

The mother of four also expressed her commitment to stand by her husband even if there is any form of in infidelity and encouraged women to stay in their marriages so far there violence involved and not split from their husbands.

In the her words,

“Kunle Afod is not perfect but he is a good man. If I decide to leave him based on what people say or what he did, I will still meet the same thing where I’m going.

“Let me get this straight, you ask that I leave my husband because he is cheating, will the new man I am going for not cheat? Debby, I won’t lie to you, it’s a lie it is a big lie. I tell people to always persevere understand themselves and be tolerant. And like I said, no marriage is perfect,” she said.

She shared the video on her page and captioned it, “JUDGE ME IF YOU ARE PERFECT 👍 I SAID WHAT I SAID WITH MY FULL CHEST 😊
My life … My Style … My Choice ✌️.”

Kunle Afod is a renowned actor, movie director, producer, and filmmaker of over 25 years. He’s a well known actor in the Yoruba movie industry.

Below is the video from the interview:

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