“In 2024, We’re Already Delivering For The British People” Rishi Sunak Fumes On UK Migration Policy

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The Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom (UK), Rishi Sunak, is happy that the majority of foreign university students cannot bring family members from January 1, 2024.

How Rishi Sunak Expressed His Happiness About The New Migration Policy

Sunak in his first post of the new year updated on X (formerly Twitter) about the turn of events.

He quoted the UK Home Office post which also shared a similar thought saying:

From today, the majority of foreign university students cannot bring family members to the UK.

Effects of the New Policy and Reactions From Schools

Recall that the UK Government has confirmed that they are cutting excessive migration to the country and only willing to attract the best brains compared to what has been recorded lately when postgraduate students are able to migrate to the UK with their families as dependants.

This new policy has been described unfair by many who have interest coming to the United Kingdom through this route with their families and reports has it also that many universities in the UK have recorded extremely low turnout of students with some even cancelling their application for the next academic session.

Reactions to Sunak and Home Office’s Updates on Students Migrating With Their Families

Responding to the posts, followers varied differently on the update sharing their concerns and support at the same time.

Below are some responses as captured by NewStori:

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