How 25 Year Old UK Graduate Returns to Become King in Delta State After 8 Years

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The name Chukwuka Noah Akaeze might not ring bell to many again except majority who have affiliations with Ubulu Uku Kingdom which is in Delta State, Nigeria.

Who Is Chukwuka Noah Akaeze?

He is the 25 year old Obi of Ubulu Uku kingdom who was installed in 2016 but had to leave his reign for education in the United Kingdom.

He returned home after studying abroad amid funfair and jubilation from his people who welcomed him at the Asaba International Airport.

He graduated from the University of Exeter in England studying Law and left the reign of his kingdom to his father’s immediate younger brother as regent while he was away for studies.

How Obi Chukwuka Noah Akaeze Ascended The Throne of Ubulu Uku Kingdom

He was crowded the king on February 20, 2016 after his father, Obi Edward Ofulue III, was kidnapped and killed by gunmen while he was still a secondary school student.

Being the eldest son, he then ascended the throne as he was presented the staff of office after undergoing the rites as the community’s tradition demands.

Upon his installation by the Delta State Government on Monday, September 5 2016, Obi Chukwuka Noah Akaeze I became the youngest Obi of Ubulu-Uku Kingdom in Aniocha South Council of Delta State.

Controversies Surrounding the Ascension of Obi Chukwuka of Ubulu Uku Kingdom

Following the death of Obi Ofulue III, reports written by The Guardian in 2016 said that “tongues have been wagging over who is the rightful king of Ubulu-Uku and accusing fingers pointed at different directions, especially following the claims of Chief Emma Ejieofor that the late Obi Ofulue III was never the first son of his late father.”

“His outburst had generated tension and palpable fear into the ancient kingdom, as he insisted that Ubulu-Uku could not crown any king without him” the report stated.

History of Ubulu Uku Kingdom in Aniocha, Delta State

The community is an Igbo community in Delta State which was founded by Ezemu when he arrived at the foot of the ubulu tree (from where the town gets its name).

The town has a total area of 11.4 square miles (29.5 km2) with a population estimated to be 12,000 according to the “Demographic Statistics of Nigeria –

The main occupation of the town is farming with its major produce as cassava, maize, yam, palm produce, cashew, timber, cocoyam, cotton and poultry.

The men are skilled in hunting and palm wine tappers while the women are renowned for their cloth weaving.

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