Badagry 2025: Seyon Akran Declares For Chairmanship, Vows To Serve

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The political scene in Badagry has lit up for the 2025 Chairmanship position as individuals are now at the fore to showcase their capabilities and such has made the likes of Seyon Akran indicated his interest.

Who is Seyon Akran?

Christened Seyon Adeyemi Akran, he is a prince of the ancient town of Badagry.

According to him, his interest in politics began during his formative years when as he was influenced by a combination of personal experiences and a deep-rooted commitment to community welfare.

This interest in politics was then ignited by the vivid stories told by his family elders.

Why Seyon Akran Indicated Interest to Become Badagry LG Chairman

Seyon during his campaign launch on Saturday, 23rd December 2023 in Badagry said his declaration is marked by enthusiasm and dedication.

He vowed to serve with unwavering dedication and set the tone for a campaign built on the principles of leadership, community and progress.

Manifesto of Seyon Akran for Badagry Local Government

Seyon’s campaign for the top slot in Badagry is hinged on a nine point agenda which are: healthcare enhancement, infrastructure development, education initiatives, economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, community engagement and inclusivity, collaboration with stakeholders, transparent and accountable governance as well as youth and sports development.

Addressing his support base, he had in attendance the Akran of Badagry, Aholu Menu Toyi I represented in absentia, the Alapa of Apa Kingdom in Badagry West and a host of political leaders during the political ambition launched at Palace Way, Jegba Quaters, Badagry, Lagos State on Saturday.

Candidates For Badagry LG Chairmanship Position for 2025

While it’s still early days yet with underground politics and familiarisation ongoing, Newstori can confirm that Seyon Akran along with the likes of a former president of the National Association of Badagry Students (NABAS), Lagos State University chapter, Paul Sewanu Iroko, are among the early birds to have shown their interest under the All Progressives Congress (APC) party.

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